It’s musicals week and Oliver’s five remaining couples tackled it all! Towards Hairspray. The ready Jazz hands!
Goodness, it’s over the dance! That’s been fast. The lines are open, so get your faves to vote. This week, Kelvin, Karim and Emma are at the center of attention, while Alex and Chris are propping up the chorus. These two must surely be out in the dance tomorrow?
Time for a recap – Kelvin and Oti were definitely my favorite performances this evening, but it was a pretty epic all-round show.
Scores: 9,10,10,10 for Emma and Anton, a total of 39. Tonight, the tens have gone WILD.
Shirley thought Emma’s journey to the final was fast-tracking it was brilliant. Bruno liked it to be a genuine Charleston of the 1920s, Emma was a perfect flapper of the highest class. The swivel was loved by Craig it was classic, classy, and fab-u-lous. On top of a fantastic evening, Motsi thought Emma was the icing.
Great to see the outing of the Flavia wig it’s been too long in its tiny cage. In this dance, Emma has a perfect swivel and characterization; it could be argued strongly that she is now out-dancing Anton. This kind of musical number I absolutely loathe, but Emma is smashing it. That was a lot of fun.
And it’s actually EMMA So ANTON tonight! They’re dancing the Charleston this week to’ Thoroughly Modern Millie,’ which is the only musical I haven’t seen on stage or screen in this year’s clutch. It seems to be heavy Jazz Hands having watched a few on YouTube, which is certainly the happy place for Emma and Anton.
Motsi hands her ten paddle to Karim and gives him with a hug. Shirley believed it was a flawless performance with a technique of high quality. Bruno is shivering down his spineit was a bravura, mind-blowing performance and the best Jive they’ve ever seen on Strictly. Craig has to offer a standing ovation–do you tens all round?
Karim is wearing the white suit of Corny Collins, while Amy, along with odd hair horns, has a kind of fringy chessboard thing going on. There’s a lot of Karim in his element, some good kicks and flicks, and a nice timing. Is (as ever) a little frantic, but by any measures, an extraordinary Jive.
I think my biggest concern with this couple is the lack of chemistry Karim seems to be doing his own thing, and Amy’s only making up the numbers. Only me?
Its next KARIM AND AMY! Their choice for the Musicals Week is a Jive from Hairspray to ‘ You Can’t Stop the Beat. ‘How did Karim get that far without a Jive? This type of technical detail dance is very Karim, so after last week’s anxious Couple’s Choice have high hopes for this.


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