You may never know it if you have HPV. It’s so common that the CDC estimates that in the United States it has nearly 80 million people.
You may or may not have symptoms depending on the type of HPV you get. Many people don’t.
Some types of HPV may cause genital warts. Others are concerned with cervix cancer and other organs. And some types of HPV cause common warts to be located in other areas of the body, such as your hands or feet.
This is a sign of HPV if you have genital warts. Not all of these growths look the same. We can be raised, smooth, pink or colored in flesh. They may even have a cauliflower shape. You might have one or more warts. They can be big or small. On the anus, cervix, scrotum, groin, thigh or penis, they can grow
Genital warts may show up weeks, months, or even years after having sex (vaginal, anal, or oral) with a person infected with HPV. He (or she) may not know that he’s infected.
Some types of genital HPV infection are associated with cancer, including cervical cancer and vulva, anus, oropharynx (middle of the throat behind the mouth) or penis cancer. If you become infected with one of these types of viruses, you may be able to experience precancerous changes in tissue cells without any symptoms.
Doctors don’t routinely test for HPV if you’re healthy.
The Pap test does not check for HPV for women. It is looking for changes in your cervix’s cells. Your doctor may ask the lab to check for the virus if you have certain changes in those cells. If you are over 30 years old and your pap is normal you may still be checked for HPV by your doctor. This is known as “co-testing.”
If you have HPV and abnormal cervical cells, your doctor can promptly order further tests. If you have HPV but the results of your Pap are normal, you might need to be checked in a year as well.


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